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Croud dominates in two competitive categories for leading men’s care brand on Amazon with Skai


A leading men’s personal care and grooming brand partners with Croud, an international digital marketing agency, to optimize its Retail Media program. Coming into 2023, the client had a primary focus on profit across its six beard products. The goal was a 50% increase in net SKU profitability from Amazon Ads sales, while maintaining the client’s total revenue volume.


Croud turned to its integrated technology solution, Skai, to dive deeper into performance metrics to ensure advertising efforts were efficient and aligned with overarching business objectives.

With Custom Solutions, the team devised a plan to integrate profit margin data into campaign views and categorize campaigns by profit margin performance tiers to identify which products were high, medium or low performers. Additionally the team built custom Dashboards with interactive visualizations enabling more comprehensive data analysis, unlocking new insights and uncovering opportunities for enhanced campaign optimization and performance evaluation.

The Croud team then leveraged Skai’s Portfolios to quickly build automated bidding rules to reduce the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) threshold goal for high-profit margin products to fully capitalize on the market demand for these products, optimizing conversions and driving overall profitability. Additionally the team used Portfolio’s algorithms to forecast and maximize profitability for each product group.


The Skai-unique bidding features and product-level custom solution allowed Croud to scale its client’s performance across all beard products with a 216% increase in net profit margin in just three months, from Q1 to Q2, surpassing the initial 50% target. Total revenue volume was successfully maintained, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness. Several individual SKUs also experienced remarkable growth in net profit margin, including:

  • Beard & Face Wash +748%
  • Sea Salt Beard Wash +402%
  • Beard Butter +250%
  • Beard Lotion +216%
  • Beard Universal Set +158%
  • Beard Oil +98%

Catalyzed by the success in the Beard category, the client’s Body category products resulted in a 54% increase in net profit margin with total revenue maintained. Products that showed significant growth in net profit margin included:

  • Scented body wash +1,842%
  • 3 in 1 twin pack +51%

“Skai’s Custom Solution team created a unique and innovative automatic bidding process so that we could improve our performance while adhering to our profit targets. We were able to improve our client’s Amazon revenue volume & net profit in a highly competitive category.”

Jacob Sharman
E-commerce Marketplace Manager

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