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Optimizing the Customer Journey: How LaserAway Boosted Clicks and Conversions with Skai’s Destination Optimization


LaserAway utilized broad match keywords in their Google Ads campaigns to expand their reach and maintain efficiency. While broad match campaigns have the potential to reach a wider audience and aid in discovering new keyword opportunities, they can also result in a higher volume of clicks and increased advertising costs. Consequently, advertisers must pay close attention to the destinations of their ads, which is a complex and manual process.

With the influx of additional clicks, LaserAway faced the challenge of ensuring that their search traffic was directed to the most relevant landing pages, a complex task due to their extensive number of clinic locations and wide range of services. Consequently, LaserAway experienced a misalignment between search intent and landing pages, resulting in reduced conversion rates and revenue. LaserAway also realized that campaigns were missing directional negative keywords.


To address its challenge, LaserAway turned to Skai’s; latest Paid Search capability: Destination Optimization. Powered by AI, Destination Optimization analyzes search traffic and identifies where customer search intent does not align with landing pages. It ensures a smooth flow of traffic, guiding customers to the best-suited landing pages for a more optimal experience and increased conversions.

Destination Optimization enabled LaserAway to analyze its search traffic, and identify this misalignment. Once these areas were identified, LaserAway could easily redirect traffic to the most relevant landing pages. This not only provided customers with the information they sought but also enhanced the performance of LaserAway’s Google Search ad campaigns.

Lastly, LaserAway leveraged Skai’s powerful Search Term Analysis, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to spot underperforming keywords that are recommended to be applied as negatives. Using Search Term Analysis’ recommendations, LaserAway applied negative keyword lists to improve traffic and improve overall relevance scores. Before making any changes, LaserAway also set up a Pre/Post tests with Skai’s Experiments solution to identify revenue lift.


By aligning customer search intent with the landing page destination, LaserAway successfully sculpted traffic to enhance the customer experience, ensuring a seamless customer journey flow that led to increased customer satisfaction, improved conversion rates, and boosted revenue.

In just two weeks, LaserAway’s campaign achieved a 15% increase in CTR and 5% in CVR despite a 25% spend decrease.

Apart from the positive impact on conversion rates and revenue, LaserAway also found that Destination Optimization enhanced team efficiency. Automating the process of identifying and redirecting traffic allowed LaserAway to allocate more time to other tasks.

“Through Destination Optimization, we identified issues in our traffic routing across many campaigns, which was directing our customers to incorrect service pages. We quickly made changes and saw immediate performance improvements. Given that traffic sculpting is a tedious and manual task, Destination Optimization is now an essential solution that we use at LaserAway.”

Jesse Goldberg
Director of Search Marketing, Laseraway

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LaserAway is the nation’s leader in aesthetic dermatology, with over 120 locations across the country. They offer a wide range of services, including laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, and injectables.

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