Since 2006, we’ve empowered brands to recognize and realize their potential with data, insights and marketing technology.

Skai is the only full go-to-market engine that enables smarter decisions and better outcomes with actionable intelligence in making customer connections. Our platform includes a suite of data-driven products for market intelligence, omnichannel media activation, testing and measurement, enabling brands and agencies to make predictions, improve strategic planning and drive growth on the most important customer channels.

Nir and Alon partnered on Bazman, originally a software tool that would “scrape” ecommerce websites to find great deals on auctions that were ending soon. They knew that their technology was good, but the overall value prop of their core technology needed to change. This was the project’s first pivot—from an auction deal-finder to a shopping comparison engine.
After Google opened their API, Nir and Alon met with technology entrepreneur and executive Yoav, decided to join forces, and pivot from their original idea and start an SEM managed services technology company. Not long after, we were up to 15 employees. Kenshoo was profitable and we continued to grow and scale.
Analyzing where the market was going, Kenshoo made their next pivot into a software as a service (SaaS) company and to package their tools together into a single platform to sell to other companies looking to become more successful in paid search. This was the inception of Kenshoo Search.
With Kenshoo’s strategy changing, they needed some firepower. Yoav, Nir and Alon were searching for an investor who looked at the vision and the people versus just the numbers. They found that in Mike Moritz and Sequoia — a VC company that cared just as much about the people and vision as the product.
Kenshoo knew that they were on the right track after winning Cafe Press, an early internet giant. Clients like Zappos, Walmart, Expedia, Ticketmaster,, Orbitz and others came next. As more accounts came they continued to learn, grow and invest in the product. The team built negative keyword bidding and a holistic way to manage them all in one place across the search engines, something the large search engine tools didn’t even have.
In 2009 the team launched Kenshoo Local. Originally, they thought they could best help small businesses run SEM as well as big companies. But once Kenshoo started winning big accounts, they went in a new direction. Kenshoo Local was the first solution for location-based ads.
Facebook, who at the time was a Kenshoo Search client, contacted Kenshoo. They were inspired by Kenshoo and Google’s monetization model and they wanted to adopt it for their own business. They invited Kenshoo to be one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners.
Kenshoo acquired the mobile marketing solution, AdQuant, in 2014 which later became Kenshoo Apps.
In 2017 Kenshoo Ecommerce was born. Kenshoo collaborated closely with Amazon to develop and build their API. We launched as one of Amazon’s first API marketing partners.
With a strong history of innovation and first-to-market, it was no surprise that Kenshoo jumped on the opportunity to partner with Apple to launch their Apple Search Ads API.
Kenshoo noticed there was a gap in the market. Marketers didn’t fully understand the impact of their marketing efforts and how to spend their next dollar. So, in 2019 Kenshoo launched Impact Navigator, a SaaS-based incrementality testing and post-cookie marketing measurement to calculate the real-world effectiveness of a marketing tactic in the only place that matters: the real world, with real people.
Kenshoo announced the acquisition of Signals Analytics, AI-driven analytics for Market Intelligence, bringing together a 360-degree view of customer and market trends.
Skai is born. Together with Signals Analytics, Kenshoo announces a new company name. This is the start of a new era, unifying all of our offerings with a comprehensive, connected data foundation and launching the world’s first platform for full-circle, go-to-market intelligence.

Our Mission

We strive to empower businesses with data they can trust, insights they can use, and impact they can measure. We call this total market intelligence.

Skai’s machine-learning algorithms and proprietary NLP enable companies to listen, predict and keep pace with the ever-changing consumer journey.

With 15 international locations and backed by Sequoia Capital, Arts Alliance, Tenaya Capital, and Bain Capital Ventures, Skai generates over $350 billion in annualized revenue for the world’s top brands.

Our Core Values


Make things smarter, simpler and faster.
This takes guts and grit.


Foster empathy, pursue excellence, and keep the bar high. Make it matter.


Be guided by truth and trust.
We’re accountable for our words, decisions and actions.


Stay grounded, collaborated and connect. We’re all in this together.

Our Commitment:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Skai

At Skai we believe ensuring a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is not just an ideal to strive for; it is right, necessary, and our responsibility as humans. We’re deeply committed to:
  • Diversify our workforce
  • Foster a safe and inclusive Space
  • Uplift underrepresented groups
  • Engage the community

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