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Stella Rising drives Amazon Ads ROAS to 461% for Bondi Sands with DSP

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In 2020, Bondi Sands saw immense growth on Amazon, largely attributed to its advertising efforts. With a staggering ROAS of 400%. Bondi Sands was ready to take its Amazon sales to the next level. As a 3P seller, Bondi Sands’ primary challenge was to drive brand awareness and grow new customers by 70% year-over-year in the fiercely competitive 3P Professional Beauty category. Additionally, Bondi’s campaign goals included increasing product detail page (PDP) traffic, CVR, ROAS, ad revenue, and ultimately topline revenue.


  • Bondi Sands teamed up with agency Stella Rising and tapped into Skai’s innovative solutions to tackle the brand’s ambitious Amazon Ads goals.
  • While brand awareness campaigns were the top priority for the year, it was also critical to incorporate lower-funnel campaigns to maintain a profitable ROI and achieve the overall ROI goal. 
  • DSP, together with Sponsored Ads, catapulted Bondi Sands’ Amazon Ads performance. The ability to view performance for both DSP and Sponsored Ads allowed the team to further improve management efficiency and optimize overall account performance.
  • Skai’s Portfolio was the perfect solution to increase Sponsored Ads campaigns from 31 to 74 and DSP line items from 23 to 97. Portfolio Optimizations made it possible for granularity and automation on the campaign level with bid optimizations, dimensions, ROI goals, forecasts, and reports. 
  • With Skai Dimensions, Stella Rising created custom scheduled reports to monitor performance and identify meaningful insights quickly and efficiently. The ability to quickly analyze performance from data across countless angles beyond the native campaign hierarchy was critical to addressing performance issues as they arose and allowed for swift optimizations.


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  • Skai enabled Stella Rising to reach exceptional results for Bondi Sands and exceed all goals.
  • Stella drove consistent gains in ROI each month and increased upper-funnel revenue by 1,072%, with PDP traffic up 57%, topline CVR up 46%, and topline revenue up 118%.
  • Additionally, Stella drove ad revenue +39% over goal with a ROAS of 461% (vs. goal of 400%).
  • Skai Portfolio Bid Optimizations, Dimensions, and reports—and managing DSP and Sponsored Ads within one platform—was critical in achieving this

“Skai’s Portfolio Bid Optimizations, Dimensions, and Portfolios were critical in executing efficient DSP and Sponsored Ads campaigns enabling us to lift ROAS to 461%.”

Matt Strietelmeier, Director, Amazon Advertising, Stella Rising

About Stella Rising

Stella Rising creates transformative business value for superstar brands—the beating heart and growth engine of our consumer economy. As a women-led, nationally recognized marketing and media services agency, we help clients in the consumer middle market make growth decisions with confidence. We provide an end-to-end client experience with an omnichannel execution team that excels in balancing demand activation and brand building across digital and traditional media channels.

About Bondi Sands

More than the best self-tanning, suncare, skincare and body products, Bondi Sands is about sand, sea, and sun and the lifestyle that comes with it. Inspired by Australia’s most iconic beach, and a desire to make the ultimate tan accessible to everyone, Bondi Sands’ salon quality formulas work to give consumers an even, naturally golden tan that hydrates and nourishes skin. Owned and made in Australia.

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