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Habi generates new leads on Meta with Skai’s advanced omnichannel solutions and unique targeting capabilities


Habi is the first platform in Colombia and Mexico that allows users to sell a house online. Unlike a real estate agency, Habi buys the property in less than 10 days, remodels it, and places it for sale at a competitive price. With the fast-paced nature of the business, the team had a goal of increasing the lead volume of customers on Meta. To accomplish this, they looked to Skai’s omnichannel capabilities to test new audiences in ways that they hadn’t reached before.


First, they utilized Skai’s Cross-Channel Audiences to target users who clicked on Google Ads and remarket to them on Meta. To streamline the process, dimensions and categories allow you to label the search activity you’d like to generate the audience from in bulk. Then, with Build URL, the URL parameters are automatically appended to identify the ads that will be used to generate this audience in Meta.

Once Habi successfully updated their Search Build URL, they utilized Skai’s unique ability to generate Meta lookalike audiences up to 20%, using the Google Cross-Channel Audience as the source.


The lookalike audience represented 25% of the total leads generated for one month when targeted on its own. And, when this audience was used within a remarketing ad set mixed with other audiences, it represented 41% of that month’s total amount of leads.

“Skai’s omnichannel solutions enabled us to test a brand new audience on Meta by remarketing to users who have clicked on search ads. And, using their API capabilities, we generated lookalike audiences based on those clicks, which helped us obtain new leads in a creative way.”

Leonardo Herrera
Paid Media Specialist, Habi

About Habi

Habi, Colombia’s second unicorn, is the leading residential real estate company in Spanish-speaking LatAm on a mission to unlock access to liquidity and information for Latin American families. Habi’s data-driven approach allows it to offer a range of products and services – including iBuying, brokerage, financial services, marketplace and a home e-valuation tool.

Habi operates in more than 15 cities in Mexico and Colombia, which have a total estimated population exceeding 60 million. For more information on Habi, please visit or

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