Our values
and corporate responsibility

Skai™ is proud to be a truly global company, both geographically and culturally. We live by our core values and give every employee an equal chance to succeed. Making a positive impact matters to us, whether it’s within our team, for our customers, or in the local communities we are part of. At Skai, we strive to be more than just a company — we want to make a difference.


Our guiding principles in action


We listen, learn and have empathy for others, always
For you it means:
Your voice is heard, fostering stronger and more relationships as we continually seek to understand your perspective and opinions.


We don’t follow the pack, we lead
For you it means:
We don’t follow industry norms; instead, we create them, pioneering solutions that benefit your business and drive the industry forward.


We love what we do, knowing it helps you
For you it means:
We’re serious about improving marketers’ lives. Our genuine love for what we do translates into exceptional service and outstanding results.


We’re independent, unbiased and guided by the truth
In action it means:
Our only bias is in favor of the marketer. We only work with channels committed to preserving privacy and our secure data architecture is both a practice and a promise.
Our choices have a real impact on people, the planet and our communities. We take this responsibility seriously.
Our choices have a real impact on people, the planet and our communities. We take this responsibility seriously.

Diversity and Inclusion

It is our promise to champion diversity, build an inclusive culture, and create more balanced teams from all walks of life. Our Global DE&I framework focuses our ongoing company-wide efforts around four pillars with both global and region-specific objectives.

Going green and staying sustainable

To support our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we launched an employee-led Corporate Sustainability Forum in 2022. This group of volunteers is tasked with assessing our impact, setting goals, creating new initiatives, and holding us accountable.
  • Recycle in all offices and compost where available
  • Print only when necessary on recycled paper
  • Recycle IT equipment in compliance with WEEE regulations
  • Office lighting uses motion sensors and LED bulbs
  • Hybrid working reduces transportation emissions
  • Use natural, organic, and sustainable cleaning supplies

Proud of our supply chain

We hand select vendors who share our values, supporting small, local, and minority-led businesses where possible.
  • Inclusivity meets sustainability
Recycling in our Israel offices is done by Social Green, an organization that integrates people with disabilities into the labor market.
  • Plastic-free lunch partners
Team lunches in London are ordered from CLUBZERO partners that provide reusable and recyclable packing to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Special needs, special artwork
Skai’s reception signs are made by Birkat Reut association, an organization promoting equal opportunities for special needs populations.
  • Consciously sourced supplies
Our office supplies and team swag are always eco-friendly, made of natural and organic materials, recycled, and sustainable materials.

Lending a helping hand locally and globally

Skai offices across the globe regularly coordinate employee volunteer days to give back to our local communities. In the last 12 months, we completed over 700 hours of giving back by volunteering, donating, and hosting events.
Volunteerism at Skai includes: cleaning up parks and beaches, building school supplies kits for low-income students, assembling care packages for those experiencing homelessness, cooking healthy meals with at-risk youth, and much more.
Gifts and giveaways are purchased from charities and nonprofits.
Nonprofit partners include: Ronald McDonald House, KidsOut, I Can Be, HandsOn London. Girls Who Code, and an annual sponsorship with Paralympic athlete Moran Samuel.
Our annual client holiday gift program is a donation to a charity of their choosing.