Media that matters. Marketing that works.

We’re helping marketers make omnichannel a reality.


A platform that takes you from insight to action on hard-to-connect performance media

Future-proof your marketing with Skai™. It’s more important than ever to have a holistic customer view. With increased data deprecation and privacy restrictions, it’s getting harder to reach customers, when and where they want to be reached. Skai helps you overcome these challenges by breaking down the walls and connecting the walled gardens. You are in control of how, when, and where you market to your customers.


We are committed to connectivity, privacy, and transparency across all walled garden media. We strive to empower marketers with data they can trust, insights they can use, and impact they can measure on the media that matters.


We don’t just talk the talk. We live by these core values.


Humility guides us through the ever-changing industry. We are hungry to learn more, actively seek feedback, and always ask “what else?” and “what’s next?”


We don’t follow the pack. We lead, bringing first-to-market, category-disrupting innovation within the digital media industry.


We’re serious about improving marketers’ lives. Countless awards and recognition back this up as we educate the market with thought leadership.


We are unbiased and independent, and only work with channels committed to preserving privacy. Our Secure Data Architecture is both a practice and a promise.