Chacka Marketing and Skai Success

156 %


Chacka Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency for the search, display, and social channels. Their ecommerce client produces high quality custom printing and packaged products.

Challenge: The Moment of Need

Chacka Marketing worked to to drive awareness, promote and scale cross channel initiatives, and launch their client’s new ecommerce program on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). Initially, their client was seeing positive returns on AMS, but discovered they needed an additional partner to help grow and scale their product advertising on Amazon. They enlisted their agency, Chacka Marketing, to find a third-party solution that would streamline AMS management, provide easy-to-use reporting, and free up resources to be redirected to growing the program as a whole.

Solution: Innovative Technology Meets Demand

Chacka Marketing collaborated with Skai as design partners for the Retail Media platform that could tackle their client’s Amazon program. Skai was smartly designed to showcase product data in near real-time for Chacka, and allow the team to utilize features that made it possible to scale the client’s large Amazon campaigns.

With Skai, Chacka was able to create campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and negative keywords in bulk – allowing for scale and time savings. The team could also sort data for any available date range, set budget pacing for a single or group of campaigns, automate scheduled reports, and utilize Skai’s dimensions for additional insights. These reporting options also allowed for the creation of scheduled alerts, which showed when any product was not serving. This information let Chacka work together with their client to take action on newfound underperforming products.

Outstanding Results

Not only did Chacka meet their client’s 2017 goals, they blew them out of the water. Chacka reduced daily bid management by five hours a week to reinvest back into other daily optimizations and strategic development. Revenue improved 156% YoY, while slightly improving ROAS.

Leveraging Skai allowed Chacka to deliver outstanding results for their client. No longer was Chacka simply serving the demands of the ecommerce channel, they were extending their reach to build awareness and offer their client’s products in a scalable way.


  • Grow and scale client’s AMS program
  • Streamline campaign management
  • Access easy-to-use reporting


  • Skai Ecommerce
  • Set up campaigns in bulk
  • Real-time product data
  • Dimensions insights
  • Scheduled reports and alerts
  • “Products Not Serving” report
  • Budget pacing & optimization


  • 156% Increase in Revenue
  • Reduced bid management by 5 hours per week

With Skai, I can access my product data with custom date ranges, helping me better analyze and manage all campaigns, keywords and ads. Their simple, but powerful tool has turned hours of work into minutes - leaving time for actual optimization that impacts performance, while saving me time and making my client happy.

David Grow, Digital Media Director, Chacka Marketing