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MinsterFB experiences 40% ROAS growth with Skai’s AI Dayparting for Amazon


MinsterFB, a full-service Amazon agency, faced the challenge of having scalable solutions to maintain competitive bids around the clock without sacrificing return on ad spend (ROAS) performance.

Already using Skai’s ad scheduling tool to ensure ads were visible during peak hours, the team sought to find easy and quick workflows that could improve performance by adjusting bids throughout the most profitable times of the day.


To eliminate the guesswork of determining which hours were the most impactful to improving ROAS, MinsterFB leveraged Skai’s AI Dayparting feature. This innovation enabled MinsterFB to use an AI resource that could deep-dive into real-time Amazon Marketing Stream data for the team and provide hourly aggregated data for top KPIs to suggest which settings would impact campaign performance.

After Integrating intraday bid recommendations directly into their ad scheduling workflows, MinsterFB fine-tuned ad optimization strategies by layering on AI-driven recommendations to increase or decrease bids based on historic performance at the campaign level rather than at the broader account level.


By combining ad scheduling, AI Dayparting, and bid modifiers, the agency has seen an increase in returns month over month, reaching a 40% increase in ROAS alongside overall a notable improvement in time management for their team and budget efficiency across clients.

The MinsterFB team proactively uses Skai’s AI Dayparting in their day-to-day efforts, without the delay of constantly pulling and analyzing reports. With alerts to quickly notify the team of changes in portfolio runtimes or remind them to update AI tips, they can be sure that campaigns always perform at their best with a more comprehensive and tailored approach to optimization.

“With Skai’s AI Dayparting tips and recommendations, we no longer need to pull reports, create pivot tables, or look at each campaign to make these optimizations. We save hundreds of hours a month with just a few clicks, it makes improving ROI easy.”

Ben Dillon
Advertising Executive

About MinsterFB

MinsterFB is a full-service Amazon agency focused on achieving growth globally on the world’s most dynamic online retail platform. MinsterFB services include representation, catalogue creation and management, promotional execution and evaluation, inbound process support and full service for Amazon advertising needs for both Sponsored Ads and DSP.

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