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BYJU’s FutureSchool™ scales its Facebook advertising leads by 135% with the support of Skai’s Expert Services team


BYJU’S FutureSchool is an online education technology platform that offers both private — one student to one dedicated teacher — online, personalized classes, as well as close group online classes with one dedicated teacher to four students. Their proprietary, research-based curriculums include coding for students grade 1-12, music for students grades 1-12, and math for students grade 1-8 with additional advanced math classes in development.


BYJU’s FutureSchool’s™ primary challenge was to scale the volume of registrations for new classes while maintaining a healthy cost per registration. Its lean in-house marketing team needed the help of Skai’s Expert Services team to do the heavy lifting of manual work, such as uploading new ads and updating budgets, while working together with the BYJU’s FutureSchool™ team on implementing new strategies to ramp up its user acquisition efforts.


BYJU’s FutureSchool™ took a measured approach to adopting Skai. For the first four months, Skai’s Expert Services team worked closely with the BYJU’s FutureSchool™ team to build a more scalable and innovative social media program before the BYJU’s FutureSchool™ team began managing it themselves. Based on a collaborative analysis with the client, the Expert Services team began by restructuring BYJU’s FutureSchool’s™ Facebook program to ensure it aligned with best practices and was utilizing all of the capabilities that Skai has to offer.

With Skai’s Bid Multipliers, the team aligned with Facebook’s best practice of targeting broader audiences, while still maintaining granular control of bids on various audience segments. Then, to find time-saving efficiencies for BYJU’s FutureSchool™, the Expert Services team optimized with Skai’s Automated Actions. This completely customizable automation tool allows you to make bid and budget adjustments, launch or pause ads, swap out creative, or even send email-based performance alerts. To assess the effectiveness, the Expert Services team utilized Skai’s Analysis Grid, an actionable pivot table that is updated in real time with performance data. This tool allowed them to quickly make data-driven decisions to improve performance. 

Throughout the Expert Services team’s engagement, they collaborated closely with the client’s  in-house team to ensure that they were set up for future success and prepared to manage the program directly.


BYJU’s FutureSchool™ achieved a 135% increase in leads and 25% higher CTR, all while improving operational efficiencies.

Performance Data


higher leads


higher CTR

“Skai has been really helpful in optimizing and scaling our user acquisition efforts. Skai enabled us to drastically increase our lead volume in a faster and more efficient way.”

Arturo Camargo, Director of Performance Marketing, BYJU’s FutureSchool

About BYJU’s FutureSchool™

BYJU’S FutureSchool™ is an online education technology platform. Their mission is to empower a whole generation to become creators versus consumers of technology, and they take a hands-on, interactive curriculum that inspires creative thinking and generates creative outcomes. Their proprietary, research-based curriculums include coding, music, and math, with courses in science and fine arts scheduled to launch soon. Learn more.

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