Shopper Marketing

A marketing strategy that focuses on every step of the shopper journey, from awareness to purchase, and even post-transaction.

What is shopper marketing?

The key to understanding shopper marketing is to remember that the whole strategy is built around the shopper journey. Shopper marketing applies to both online and offline strategies and is dependent upon data. Organizations need a full understanding of shopper behavior in order to build a clear picture of consumer behavior.

The benefits of shopper marketing?

Because shopper marketing is shopper-centric, it’s extremely effective. It places the shopper at the forefront of the process and uses data about their needs and preferences to create a smooth journey. This focus goes all the way down to product/service creation.

A small shopping cart sits on the handrest of a laptop.

What does shopper marketing look like in ecommerce?

In the ecommerce industry, effective shopper marketing strategies are almost entirely data-driven. Four benefits of a data-driven approach include:

  1. Drive creation and optimization of products
  2. Mature business and marketing strategies
  3. Optimize for and reduce the shoppers’ pain points
  4. Place the customer’s shopping desires at the retailer, first

Retailer journeys are often different, and what data is required often depends on the specifics of the journey.

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