Cross Channel Attribution
Your digital media should all be working toward the same goal: Sales.

The interplay between your ad channels is your secret sauce. With cross-channel attribution, you can close the loop by measuring and optimizing the impact of search and social ad performance on Amazon sales.
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True cross-channel impact — demystified


Confident data-driven, cross-channel decisions

Skai cross channel attribution digital media; Skai cross channel attribution social ad performance

Say goodbye to the tedious process of marrying multiple data sources in Excel! With Skai, you can analyze Search, Social and Amazon metrics all in one place for instant visibility into what drives sales.

Know what’s working? Play to your strengths with the ability to optimize Search and Social ads toward Amazon metrics, including Amazon Product Detail Page and Store Page Views, Add to Carts, Units Sold, and Revenue.

With the ability to automate Amazon Attribution tag application to Search and Social ads that drive traffic to Amazon, your team eliminates the time-consuming manual effort otherwise required.

“Skai allowed us to understand the impact of our Facebook to Amazon ads, allowing for quick & agile optimizations.”

Carly Carson, Social Media Director, PMG

“Skai’s Amazon Attribution integration completely revolutionizes the potential of our Paid Search campaigns.”

Will Hoverman, Senior Search Specialist, Empower

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