Skai Omnichannel Platform

Take Walled Gardens Omnichannel

Consolidate media planning and performance management across the walled gardens in one platform for increased revenue and cost efficiency.

All the top performance media channels

One login grants access to 100+ publishers and retailers for streamlined planning, activation and measurement.

Transformative value for the whole team

Skai’s capabilities transcend native publisher platforms, benefiting media executives and activation teams alike.

Simplified pricing

Skai offers flat annual pricing based on program scale, replacing unpredictable rates tied to media spend percentages.


Oversee and orchestrate omnichannel advertising across any channel

Skai Decision Pro

Tap into the power of AI for data-backed decision-making and predictive media planning, enhancing visibility, trust and control over investment decisions.

Executive HQ

Visualize media performance and spend across all channels, including paid search, paid social, retail media, apps, display, connected TV, and more.


AI-powered alerts uncover anomalies and other significant spend and performance changes to highlight potential opportunities or threats.

Media Forecasting

Quickly understand the impact of budget changes on media performance and business results in order to better allocate spend across channels.

Media Plans

Serves as a foundation to organize, centralize and visualize monthly and multi-month budgets in one place, making complex budgets easier to track and forecast.

Best-in-class solutions for optimizing performance and efficiency

Advertisers benefit from consolidating their tech stack

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