Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft’s pay-per-click search engine marketing system, which allows advertisers to display search ads to users on Bing, MSN, and Yahoo.

What is Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising is Microsoft’s proprietary search engine advertising system. Like Google Ads, it uses a pay-per-click model and a bidding system to decide which ads are displayed to users.

What are Microsoft Multimedia Ads?

Microsoft Multimedia Ads (MMA) are display ads that appear in the right rail of Bing search engine results and across the Microsoft Advertising Network. They feature rich, visual images and text. Unlike other display ads, MMAs use machine learning to “create” relevant ads for searchers based on a variety of headlines, descriptions, and images that you upload to the platform’s library. Only one multimedia ad can be displayed per search, which makes this type of digital advertising stand out.

Two examples of Microsoft Multimedia Ads: One for a travel business, and another for a cafe.

What are Microsoft Advertising Experiments?

Microsoft Advertising Experiments is a tool to help advertisers A/B test on the platform. It allows marketers to test ad copy, landing page URLs, and bidding strategies to provide meaningful data about how the audience reacts to the ads.

What is Microsoft Automated Bidding?

Microsoft Automated Bidding is a feature of the Microsoft Advertising system that uses AI and machine learning to help advertisers maximize search engine marketing spend.

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