Retail Media

Advertising clearly labeled products directly on a retailer’s website, designed to reach consumers where they’re shopping.

What is Retail Media?

Retail media is advertising that takes place on a digital storefront. Retail media is often viewed as the digital equivalent of putting items on a physical store shelf. Retail media reaches consumers where they’re shopping, and it’s less intrusive than other forms of advertisement. Retail media is the third-largest digital advertising channel in the U.S.

A person is exposed to retail media while shopping on their mobile device.

What are the advantages of retail media?

Retail media doesn’t rely on user data; most retail media is dependent on search terms entered into the site (think “people who purchased this also purchased this”). It doesn’t require cookies or data collection to implement. Furthermore, retail media can reach customers at various points in the buyer journey.

How does retail media fit into your advertising strategy?

Essentially, it’s not a bad move to use retail media with every online retailer that sells your products. The obvious problem is that it can become difficult to manage your retail media strategy once you’re advertising on multiple sites. This is where retail media management platforms like ours come into play.

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