Walmart Advertising

Purchasing search, display, and in-store ads via Walmart Connect for products to be displayed on

What is Walmart Advertising?

Walmart advertising is taking advantage of any of Walmart Connect’s four retail media offerings to advertise to Walmart’s customer base.

What makes Walmart advertising advantageous?

Walmart is the largest retailer in the U.S., and it differentiates itself from online competitors by having physical store locations that consumers frequent. Recently, Walmart created the Walmart Connect platform to make advertising on its online and physical storefronts more accessible and more advantageous for advertisers.

What offerings make Walmart advertising unique?

During the pandemic, Walmart unified its Sponsored Product campaign program to include both and pickup and delivery, meaning that advertisers can manage their campaigns more easily. In addition to suggesting online products to purchase, Walmart advertisements can tell shoppers if their nearby Walmart location has an item in stock that they could purchase online and then go pick up.

What are Walmart brand interactions?

Walmart Connect offers Content to Commerce and Sampling as part of its brand interactions services. Content to Commerce allows advertisers to take advantage of influencers and choice-driven content to help build interest and loyalty. Sampling, on the other hand, allows advertisers to deliver product samples in a targeted manner to Walmart customers. Both services can be a major boon to advertisers looking for a way to expand their market reach.

What are Walmart Connect Search Brand Amplifiers (SBAs)?

Search Brand Amplifiers are search-triggered ads that display a prominent image of an advertisers’ logo and up to four items, which can be used to increase top-funnel awareness. This way, brands can get their name and products in front of customers even when they are one of possibly thousands of results.

What is the significance of Walmart Connect’s advanced second-price auction?

In 2022, Walmart Connect added a second-price auction, which reduces the cost-per-click of bids on the site. This is considered a sign of maturation for Walmart Connect, and it runs on relevancy. The second-price auction feature helps maximize the efficiency of ad spend on Walmart the same way it does on other retail media channels.

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