Instacart Advertising

Advertisements on the Instacart mobile app. Advertisers run featured product ads, non-search ads, and specials/promotions.

What Is Instacart Advertising?

A form of retail media advertising that brands use to get their physical, in-store goods in front of digital customers through the Instacart app.

What are the three types of Instacart ads?

Instacart allows advertisers to run featured product ads, non-search ads, and special or promotional campaigns. 

  1. Featured product ads: Essentially search ads, they are sold in a cost-per-click model and allow advertisers to target keywords that users search for in the app.
  2. Non-search ads: Most of Instacart’s other advertisement options are display ads, which can be placed in a variety of spots, including the home page, the “but it again” section, retailer pages, hero banners, and competitor item pages.
  3. Special/promotional campaigns: Instacart has built in support that allows brands to run specials and promotions in the app. This can be a great boon for newer brands that are looking to establish themselves and can’t rely on product recognition.

How does advertising on Instacart work?

While Instacart may not have the same market size as Amazon or Walmart, it focuses on smaller businesses who might not be able to take full advantage of ecommerce giants. It represents a great opportunity for businesses that want to get their brand in front of a bigger audience but don’t want to get drowned out on larger sites.

What is the Instacart Platform?

Instacart Platform allows sellers to use Instacarts tools, teams, and technology to power their own ecommerce businesses. This includes features like chat, pickup and delivery options, and order tracking. Furthermore, the Instacart Platform gives sellers access to Carrot Ads and Carrot Insights, which are Instacart’s advertising technology and advertising metrics capabilities, respectively. The Instacart Platform helps ecommerce businesses get up and running on the same level as much larger organizations quickly and with little hassle. They perform the work on the backend so that businesses can focus on selling their products instead of building a storefront.

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