Limiting ad purchases to specific days and times of the day. This strategy helps ensure that you can reach your target audience at the times they search and shop without burning through your budget too quickly at the wrong times of day.

What is dayparting?

Dayparting is a strategic targeting tactic in digital marketing where advertisers limit ad purchases to certain times of the day. By adopting this strategy, advertisers can maximize ad spend by only running ads when they are most successful.

Why choose to daypart?

Buying every ad available around the clock can be inefficient and expensive; not even massive companies could afford to buy every ad around the clock. Dayparting allows advertisers to get the most out of their ad spend. 

Here are three reasons why advertisers choose to use dayparting:

  1. Conversion rate optimization. Businesses often find that there are certain times of the day when visitors more frequently convert into customers. In these cases, organizations can choose to run their ads during those times to make the most of their money.
  2. Take advantage of low ad costs. By experimenting with different dayparting strategies, businesses can find out how to spend their ad budget so that they can continue to make the same number of conversions with less ad spend. 
  3. Business hours. Businesses that function around a physical location may not want to run ads after their business is closed, since it’s unlikely conversions will happen then. 

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