Search Advertising  

A marketing technique that displays paid ads in relevant search results based on search queries for the advertiser’s desired keywords. Advertisers bid on search terms through a pay-per-click (PPC) method.

What Is Search Advertising?

Search advertising is paying search engines to promote products or services on a relevant results page. When consumers search for a product or service online, the search engine displays both organic and sponsored results. By paying for search ads, brands can ensure that their content appears in front of users even if it doesn’t rank for the first page.

What are the benefits of search advertising?

Search advertising guarantees companies are seen within the search engine results for their target keywords. Google and other search engines indicate to the searcher which results are ads and which are organic, so it’s unobtrusive to the searcher, while still providing answers to their questions. If you anticipate the answers searchers are looking for through research, you can craft your ad copy around those answers, get discovered in search, and motivate the audience to click your ad.

How do you manage search terms?

Managing keywords is one of the most important components of paid search marketing, and the complexity rises with the combination of match types. Over the last two decades of search engine marketing (SEM), Google has changed how match types work to better engage customers during their search queries.

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