Facebook Advertising

A social media platform that sells advertising space where marketers can reach 2 billion users with highly relevant ads that match their behaviors and interests.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is one of the biggest paid social advertising options, allowing marketers to serve ads to their target audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and any web publisher that is part of the Facebook Audience Network. By advertising on Facebook, brands are able to build awareness and reach their ideal audiences by using targeting options to serve highly relevant ads that match a user’s behaviors and interests.

Why should I use Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising performs by utilizing the publisher’s collected understanding of what each of its 2 billion+ users might find relevant based on their interests and behaviors. By using the consumer data, marketers can segment their audiences, create meaningful and compelling ads targeted to that audience, and unlock significant ROI. Create custom audiences by uploading CRM data, retarget ads to different stages of the funnel, and more to create ads that are highly relevant to the specific Facebook users you’re targeting.

Smartphone with interface for Facebook Advertising

What types of Facebook Ads are there?

Facebook Ad types include single image, carousel, slideshow, video, and collection ads. The ad type you choose should align with your business objectives and your target audience and be the best medium to promote the particular product or service on offer.

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