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Consumer brands continue to struggle with systemic challenges that limit their ability to scale retail media advertising success. Work with our Strategic Consulting Team to uncover key areas of opportunity and unlock major growth.

We take a data-driven approach to solve your specific business needs

Traditional strategy consultation can be slow, expensive, and disconnected from your day-to-day, resulting in high-investment, low-yield outcomes. We get to know your unique challenges, listen to the market, and back it all up with a strong data foundation.

This is how we do it differently:

How it works:

We listen to you. We start with a discovery session to learn about your goals, challenges, and the specifics of your organization.

How we do it:

Our expert consultants use Skai’s powerful market intelligence solution to validate the broader impact of your advertising actions by tapping into consumer data and insight.

What you get:

A comprehensive, actionable report outlining untapped opportunities for protecting, optimizing, and expanding your core business through paid media.

Insights Prepared For


“Partnering with Skai to help design an elegant technology solution to an obstacle our teams have experienced, has further opened the door to more efficiently manage Amazon Marketing Services buys…and with Skai’s search and social data as a gauge, potential visibility with this new solution is undeniable.”

Clint Armstrong, Sr. Partner, Group Director, Search & Social at Mindshare

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