App Marketing  

Strategies used to build interest for a mobile app and then more importantly, convince users to download. The campaign seeks to increase the engagement of users in and out of the app, through tactics such as ads within app stores and in-app messaging.

What Is App Marketing?

App marketing is the actions an advertiser takes at each part of the mobile app customer journey. It begins with getting a new user to download an app and continues into engaging those users and retaining them for the whole app lifecycle.

What are the three phases of app marketing?

1. Install: Step one is getting users to install an app. This means creating both standard web ads and app store-specific ones.
2. App engagement: Apps should be marketed like a subscriptions service; it should continue to engage users and create value. Apps should be created to be used, and they will only retain users if they are useful.
3. Reinstall: For a variety of reasons, apps get uninstalled by users regularly. It’s important to keep marketing to the intended audience because they could be persuaded to reinstall an app if it becomes relevant to them again.

A smartphone loaded with different apps from the app store with companies using best mobile app marketing strategies.

What metrics should app campaigns use to measure success?

The most important app marketing metrics usually fall under one of the following categories: cost per acquisition (CPA), lifetime value (LTV), activation, user activity, stickiness, average session length, retention, churn, reviews, and return on investment (ROI).


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What are the best strategies for app marketing?

While the introduction of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) in iOS 14 has forced app marketers to change tactics slightly, here are five tactics that can be used to build a solid app marketing strategy:

  • Think beyond the App Store
  • Consider Custom Product Pages
  • Focus on your landing page
  • Optimize within the app stores
  • Prioritize Apple Search Ads

How has ATT impacted app marketing best practices?

Since its introduction in iOS 14, ATT has caused app marketers a few headaches. To follow the shift, successful app marketers have honed in on five key best practices:

  • Increase your iOS opt-in rates
  • Strengthen your brand as a whole
  • Rethink your creative strategy
  • Optimize based on results, not reporting
  • Don’t focus on what’s lost; switch your mindset

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