Media Budget Forecasting
Accurately predict your media spend with the Budget Navigator tool

Take control of your media spend with the ability to predict the sweet spot between spend and ROI

Exceed your goals with a revolutionary predictive media budget forecasting tool


Budget Navigator

Budget Navigator helps marketers forecast, optimize and monitor with ease. Leverage machine learning technology to manage budgets and adjust spend to achieve your business goals across all channels—online or offline. Skai provides continuous feedback on expected results, so you can stay ahead of trends and the competition.

Control when, where and how you spend your budget

AI & Machine Learning

Set optimization on auto-pilot with advanced algorithms & predictive statistical modeling.

Flexibility & Total Control

Define goals & constraints tailored for your business needs. Ability to optimize for profit, ROAS, revenue, sales, CPA, as well as custom KPIs and metrics.

Forecast Results

Analyze projected outcomes to make informed decisions before taking action.

A crystal ball for budgeting at your fingertips

Intelligent Forecasts
A “what-if” forecasting engine to uncover investment opportunities, guide budget allocation and manage budgets across campaigns, publisher, geos, products and more. Define portfolio groups that match your business structure and visualize potential return on any given budget.
Dynamic Budgeting Optimizations
Automatically regenerates forecasts on a daily basis and adjusts bid and budget allocations to get you the best results. Simply define a plan by setting a budget and KPI goals, and the necessary budget allocations will be made for you.
Always-on Monitoring
Continuous feedback on your plan’s progress means peace of mind. Track how your plan is pacing at any time and be automatically alerted if there are opportunities beyond your plan’s scope.

“Skai’s flexible optimization, cross-engine budget management, and automated campaign mirroring were critical to achieving the scale we needed for our regional expansion. We not only saved significant amounts of time, but we hit our regional expansion.”

Heiko Eckert, Director of Online Marketing, STYLEBOP

“Skai’s bidding technology enabled us to not only beat our paid search shopping revenue targets but also reduce the amount of time spent on paid search each week!”

– Fabio Kawaguchi, Media Manager, One Digital

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