Creative Center: Cross-Channel Campaign Asset Consolidation

What is Creative Center? 

Creative Center is a central location where creative reviews, analysis and strategizing can take place across multiple publishers. It helps reduce the strain of repetitive work by tracking, reporting and analyzing cross-channel creative performance from one place so you can take faster and more strategically informed action across the channels that matter most.

How does it work?

Creative Center consolidates scattered cross-channel creative assets into a single grid for enhanced efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

What are the main use cases?

Creative Consolidation: Monitor and compare performance insights for creative assets on a single publisher or across multiple channels in a single central location.
Streamlined Reporting: Streamline the creation of cross-channel creative reports, with ready to use templates in our dashboards tool, on a routine or one-off basis.
Faster Activation: Close the feedback loop between analysis, activation and creative iteration by reducing repetitive work with streamlined processes for reports and briefs.

What are the benefits?

Customers’ who have creatives scattered across multiple publishers making it difficult to work with them will be able to centralize all creatives into one place to analyze performance across channels.
Siloed creative data that is only accessible to specific individuals or teams can now be views across the organization allowing for a more holistic view of creative performance, and faster creative decisioning.
Creating cross channel creative reports on a one-off or routine cadence, which can take hours/days to produce, will now take minutes.