Intent Driven Messaging: High-intent keyword recommendations and AI-generated headlines

What is Intent Driven Messaging? 

Intent Driven Messaging (IDM) analyzes your paid search program for high-intent keywords not included in your search ads and recommends their inclusion in the ad copy. In turn, ads better reflect consumer search intent, driving higher engagement and efficiency.

Through a new integration with OpenAI, IDM will help you save hours of time by providing complete, ready-to-use, ad headlines created by generative AI, at the click of a button.

How does it work?

  1. Search term reports and performance data retrieved from Google
  2. Machine learning used to separate search terms and ad copy into words and phrases
  3. Words already in the current ad copy are identified and removed from the output
  4. The remaining words and correlating performance data are grouped together under topics
  5. Topics for missing user intent and the size of the opportunity are suggested for ads
  6. Generative AI Headlines will create more engaging ad headlines that capture users’ attention and drive increased conversions.

What are the benefits?

Improve ad copy with high-intent keywords better aligned to your target consumer’s behavior. 
Drive higher engagement and efficiency by better-reflecting consumer search intent.
Fully leverage the power of responsive search ads (RSAs), by providing more search intents to be featured in and optimized toward within each ad.
Save time crafting compelling headlines, using Generative AI Headlines, that perfectly align with what your audience is actually looking for.

“With the seamless integration of Generative AI into Intent-Driven Messaging, crafting captivating headlines is now a breeze. We’re saving valuable time while enjoying higher engagement, click-through rates and converting search terms. These AI-generated headlines truly understand our audience’s intent and have taken our marketing efforts to new heights while cutting manual maintenance time in half. Skai continues to be our go-to platform for innovative solutions that deliver data driven results.”

Michael Lovelle
Senior PPC Specialist, Straight North