Trending Products: Shift budget according to product demand with key insights

What is Trending Products?

Skai’s Trending Products helps advertisers prioritize the SKUs that matter and make more informed campaign decisions. It surfaces SKUs that are surging upwards in popularity and those showing a slow down in demand, and also flags issues across your Google Merchant Center product portfolio.

How does it work?

Trending Products streamlines advertiser efforts by helping them allocate time and budget effectively by identifying products with growing or declining consumer interest. This enables advertisers to break out certain products into their own campaigns or ad groups, adjust budgets, and set tailored targets.

What are the main use cases?

Allocating budget
Ensuring spend is being used efficiently according to rising or declining product popularity.
Developing data-driven strategy
Identifying emerging ad strategy opportunities by leveraging insights on product activity.
Consolidating analysis
Gaining visibility into multiple Google Merchant Centers in one singular location.

What are the main benefits?

Product insights
Trending Products reports on SKUs making the most movement within your program so you know where to allocate your advertising dollars for the best return.
Campaign efficiency
Optimize campaign structures and set appropriate targets and budgets for products with growing or declining interest.
Up-to-date troubleshooting
Keep a pulse on your product portfolio in Google Merchant Center at scale and get real-time notifications when something is wrong.