Skai provides a robust set of capabilities that give you a high degree of control in managing your bids to meet business goals and market demands.

  • Skai Portfolio Optimization

    KPO is a patented algorithm that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. It manages millions of keywords with optimized bids to reach an overall portfolio goal, saving time and money while improving results.
  • KPO compiles historical data, clusters data, and builds hundreds of thousands of predictive statistical models to determine how the next unit of spend will return the best performance.

Features of Skai Portfolio Optimization

  • Marginals-Based Optimization

    KPO performs millions of calculations every day to understand the value derived from the next unit of spend invested in a portfolio. By focusing on marginal ROI, the KPO algorithm considers the opportunity cost of each keyword and takes holistic action across the portfolio to maximize results.

  • Dynamic Clustering

    KPO automatically clusters keywords with similar traits by matching more than a dozen different attributes to build models for keywords with little or no data including campaign structure, meta-data, destination URL, and performance. These clusters are reevaluated every day and updated as needed to drive maximum impact on the portfolio goal.

  • Adaptive Historical Weighting

    KPO analyzes historical data to predict how well it may inform upcoming events through a mathematical model that uses adaptive historical weighting to develop the most accurate predictions. KPO takes a broader, smarter look at the data to give you the best possible predictive information.

  • Intelligent Automation

    KPO is a fully automated system. You set the portfolio goals and KPO goes to work. Other solutions require you to manually bucket keywords into folders based on performance. This manual process not only takes time but it’s a sub-optimal way to manage bids and meet your goals.

  • Performance Forecasting

    KPO technology is based on statistical models that accurately report on predicted future performance so you can make strategic decisions with unmatched clarity.

  • Flexible Configuration

    Each business and each keyword portfolio is unique, which is why KPO allows you to train the algorithms and models to achieve peak optimization.

Rakuten Marketing Surfs Up The ROAS For O’Neill With Skai Portfolio Optimization

“At O’Neill we’re eager to test the latest paid search technology. Rakuten Marketing recommended Skai’s KPO tool to meet our Shopping ROAS goals. In a short time, our goals were met without sacrificing site traffic. Additionally, media costs decreased versus our previous bidding strategy. This is a huge win for O’Neill and we look forward to ongoing growth with Rakuten Marketing and Skai.”

  • 92%


  • 37%

    Revenue Increase

  • 29%

    Cost Decrease

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