Omnichannel marketing for retailers

Skai empowers retailers to expand their customer base and maximize repeat business with omnichannel insights and marketing activation, driving both online and in-store growth. Connect with customers using data and insights, best-in-class activation , and accurate measurement. See how Skai can elevate your omnichannel digital marketing.

Retailers leverage Skai’s marketing activation suite to acquire new customers and inspire brand loyalty

From awareness to purchase in an instant

Reach and activate users when they are ready to buy across channels: retail media, paid search and paid social. Stop forcing your customers through the old-school funnel; use digital shopping ads to collapse the purchase path and sell wherever and whenever your customers wish to transact.

Modular SaaS + Services designed for retailers to scale as you grow

Cross Channel Marketing

  • Optimize retail marketing across channels
  • Allocate the right budgets in the right media channels
  • Leverage data to understand the impact of one channel on another
  • Drive workflow efficiency across organizational siloes
  • Run experiments to improve media mix in real-time
  • Measure and understand the effectiveness of each channel

Customer Lifecycle Engagement

  • Converge customer acquisition with CRM and lifetime value
  • Personalize messages for the right person at the right time
  • Maximize lifetime value beyond the immediate sale
  • Connect the dots from online to in-store

Growth Strategy and Planning

  • Connecting Marketing to Business Objectives
  • Align price, profit and logistics objectives to your marketing KPIs
  • Map local and offline sales to digital interactions
  • Generate audience-level insights to better position product portfolio
  • Leverage calendar, seasonality and audits to capitalize on demand opportunities

“Due to the ease of access and utility of Skai’s Experiments tool, I have spent less time on gathering data and more time analyzing it, which allows me to make impactful decisions, quicker.”

Briana Rittersporn, Account Manager at Rakuten Advertising

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