Automate your social ads to deliver to the right audience at the right time

  • TV Triggered Facebook Ads for Powerful & Automated Cross-Screen Marketing

    43% of the time, when someone watching TV opens their smartphone, it is to check their social media. A few years ago, Facebook commissioned a study to study new behavior of second-screening:

    “Mobile and TV are an increasingly irresistible combination. An in-home eye-tracking study Facebook IQ commissioned in the US revealed that 94% of participants kept a smartphone on hand while watching TV, making mobile nearly as common a TV companion as a remote control. The results also showed that viewers focused on the TV screen just 53% of the time, and one of the top reasons they looked away was to use their smartphones.”

    TV Triggered Facebook Ads connect the dots between audience attention, relevant creative and the right placement. This feature leverages the power of automated actions to deliver ads on Facebook whenever a specific commercial airs on television. This creates the opportune moment to showcase your brand while your audience switches to the small screen.

    Marketers can compliment their own TV commercials with social ads or choose to conquest competitor TV commercial using their social ads.

    For information, read the blog post Feature Focus: TV Signals for Social.
    • 19%

      Decrease in CPA

Leverage Facebook TV Signals to Power Your Social Ads

  • Ramp up ad delivery when your commercial airs.

  • Launch social ads when relevant commercials air.

  • Deliver your commercial asset simultaneously across social.

  • Increase bids on social to match momentum on television.

Automate Your Facebook Ads in Skai

  • Create Your Campaign

    Facebook TV Signals can trigger at the ad set or ad level.
  • Set Up Facebook TV Signals Within Automated Actions

    Align with commercial airing based on brand, location, and network.
  • Automate Ads

    Ads automatically turn on based on commercial parameters.

Wren Kitchens Leverages TV Signals for Amplified Social Success

Complementing Brand                                              Competitive Conquesting

  • 19%

    Decrease in CPA

  • 25%

    Increase in Conversions

  • 11%

    Decrease in CPA

  • 23%

    Increase in Conversions

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