Drive installs. Increase app engagement. Minimize effort.

Reach more iOS users with Apple Search Ads and Skai. Our powerful automation, optimization, and reporting capabilities help app marketers to scale their campaigns effortlessly, drive more installs and acquire higher value users from their Apple Search Ads Campaigns.

  • Why Apple Search Ads?

    With Apple Search Ads, you can promote your apps at the top of search results on the App Store. It’s an efficient and easy way to help people discover your app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
    • 50%

      Average Conversion Rate with
      Apple Search Ads

    Source: Apple Search Ads, 2020

  • Why Skai?

    Save time managing your Apple Search Ads campaigns with our advanced automation features. Improve performance with our world-class optimization technology. Manage your Apple Search Ads campaigns alongside your other publishers in one single user interface. And do it all with the 24/7 support of our mobile app marketing experts.
    • 3X

      Average Growth in Media Spend

Power Your Apple Search Ads Campaigns with Skai

  • Scale Campaign Creation & Management

    Build multiple campaigns in minutes. Create efficient campaign structures. Take advantage of bulk editing.

  • Automatic Bid & Budget Optimization

    Use algorithmic models to manage your bids and automate budget distribution according to your goals.

  • Insights & Reporting

    Combine MMP actions, custom metrics and Apple Search Ads data in multi-layered reports to understand ROI over time.

  • Growth

    Use the Search terms view, keyword manager and keyword suggestions to uncover new growth opportunities.

Skai for Apple Search Ads: Feature Highlights


Time Saving Automation

  • Set up all of your campaigns, ad groups and keyword structures in one flow
  • Save creation flows as templates to build subsequent campaigns even faster
  • Seamlessly convert Search Terms into Keywords and Negative Keywords across your entire program
  • Use the keyword discovery and suggestion tool to grow your account
  • Keep on top of performance with views into campaigns, ad groups, keywords, search terms and creative sets
  • Copy, paste and bulk upload lists of keywords and save as presets for future use
  • Leverage daily budget management functionalities
  • Employ a unified keyword management strategy across campaigns and ad groups
  • Manage your keywords easily. Seamlessly convert keywords and search terms into targeted or excluses keywords in your ads groups or campaigns, all in one simple flow
  • Oversee all of your keyword activity, such as the performance or your unique keywords v’s all keywords aggregated across campaigns, by using the Skai keyword grid


Optimization Targeted to Your KPIs

  • Our algorithms are tailored to fit the Apple Search Ads auction
  • Bid Optimization towards Installs, in-app events or a combination of both
  • Use both Apple Search Ads and MMP data to train the data models
  • Close to real time bid optimization enables you to move at the pace of the market and the auction
  • Automate budget distribution based on your business goals


Grow Your App Exponentially

  • Maintain constant growth and efficiency with best practices recommended by our team of experts
  • Use our search terms and keywords suggestion tool to make the most out of the keywords that matter to grow your program
  • Skai’s cross-publisher support will help you grow your programs exponentially

Measurement & Reporting

Granular Reporting & Insights

  • Track and measure the lifetime value of mobile app users
  • Segment and export performance by day
  • Generate reports for keywords and search terms across multiple campaigns & ad groups, all in one report
  • Cohort reporting, allowing for deep granularity all the way to the keyword level
  • Country and region reporting, age, gender and location
  • Skai’s MMP (mobile measurement partner) integration includes all data and post install events in one place:
Handing over bidding controls to Skai was something we were wary about given the pressure to hit targets. However we needn’t have worried - the results from using Automatic Bid Optimization for our Apple Search Ads campaigns have been outstanding!

Michael Jessen, User Acquisition Specialist - Socialpoint

  • C-Date Increases Registrations By 314% On Apple Search Ads With Skai

    • 295%

      Increase in Installs

    • 314%

      Increase in Registrations