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  • Skai Campaign Mirroring

    Campaign Mirroring gives advertisers the ability to quickly and easily copy their existing Google campaigns to Bing, Yahoo, or Pinterest. Advertisers can choose to either simply copy the campaign content over, or keep campaign elements in sync. When kept in sync, changes made to the parent campaign will automatically be reflected in the copied campaigns.

Benefits of Skai Campaign Mirroring

  • Efficiency

    Manage your campaigns in one place and let Skai make sure your changes and adjustments are applied on any other publishers you choose.

  • Easy A/B channel testing

    Easily copy your activity to a different publisher and analyze results.

  • Campaign Templates

    Create campaign templates for commonly used base campaigns and use Campaign Mirroring to replicate campaigns for various geos or across clients in the same industry.

  • Optimization

    Skai handles the optimization across publishers - no need to decide how to start investing in a new publisher and how to optimize.

"Skai’s flexible optimization, cross-engine budget management, and automated campaign mirroring were critical to achieving the scale we needed for our regional expansion. We not only saved significant amounts of time, but we hit our revenue targets as well."

Heiko Eckert, Director of Online Marketing,

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