Leverage cross-channel engagement to improve your search and social marketing campaign ROI with Skai’s Cross-Channel Audiences.

  • Skai Cross-Channel Audiences

    With Skai’s machine learning and cross platform technology, the concept of retargeting has just been enhanced.
  • Advertisers have dreamt of identifying if someone has engaged with their ads on other marketing channels and how to take an omni-channel remarketing approach to drive them down the funnel.
  • Skai’s Cross-Channel Audiences makes it possible to retarget people across Search and Social marketing channels, not just the channel your audience engaged on.

Features of Skai Cross-Channel Audiences

  • Retargeting

    Retarget someone on search who has clicked your SEM ad or retarget a user on one search engine who has engaged with your ad on another search engine - social, too!

  • Reach

    Reach the same users across channels with an ongoing, consistent message or reach them with lower funnel tactics on one channel and lower funnel ads on another.

  • Analysis

    Analyze your Cross-Channel Audiences to better inform who to target.

  • Lookalike Modeling

    Create lookalikes of people who have engaged and shown interest in your product.

Rakuten Marketing Surfs Up The ROAS For O’Neill With Skai Cross-Channel Audiences

Facebook Campaign Performance Versus Analogous Campaigns

  • 120%

    ROI Increase

  • 38%

    AOV Increase

  • 66%

    CPC Decrease

  • 30%

    CPA Decrease

Search Campaign Performance Incremental Improvement with Concurrent Facebook Campaign

  • 19%

    Incremental CVR

  • 22%

    Incremental Revenue

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