• All the benefits of external data — minus the friction

    Directly access Skai’s raw, contextualized market intelligence data via the Snowflake Data Marketplace. This frictionless data sharing experience involves no data transfer or integration requirements. Data and Analytics leaders can simply access up-to-date, ready-to-query data to guide timely and accurate decision making throughout the organization.

Why access Skai data via the Snowflake Data Marketplace?

  • Seamlessly integrate the latest external data sources into your own data environment
  • Connect our contextualized data to your own proprietary sources for richer insights
  • Create your own visualizations, models & queries for enhanced decision making
  • Frictionless access to secure, up-to-date and ready-to-query data
  • Democratize category-specific insights to the users that need them

What data is available on the Snowflake Data Marketplace?

  • Most reviewed products on ecommerce channels

    Product reviews are packed with useful insights into consumers and competitors that can be used to win the digital shelf. This dataset provides access to unique data points about the most reviewed products, in your category, over the past month. It is used to support product development, marketing and brand initiatives such as:

    • Selecting the right products and keywords to advertise
    • Updating product titles and descriptions to align to consumer needs


  • Share of ecommerce shelf for specific product claims

    Go beyond a basic understanding of which brands dominate the digital shelf in your category. This dataset gets even more granular with insights into the specific claims and product attributes that have the highest share of shelf on ecommerce channels. It is used to support decisions such as:

    • Online inventory planning for retailers
    • Channel optimization for brands


  • Consumer Sentiment

    Social media conversations are packed with useful information about how consumers feel towards your (and your competitors!) brands and products. This dataset provides the % of positive and negative sentiment over the past 6 months at a category, brand and solution level. Brands typically use this data to understand:

    • What is the consumer sentiment towards my brand and how has it changed over time?
    • How does my brand stack up against the competition?
    • What are the biggest drivers of positive and negative consumer sentiment?

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