Automatically ensure your campaigns are running
according to your intended parameters, including:

  • Best Practices
  • Structure
  • Settings
  • Performance Constraints
  • Tracking
  • Targeting

Auditing allows you to proactively find and fix common issues before they turn into costly and unnecessary expenses. Eliminate time-consuming manual checklists with this automated solution that can be tailored to meet your business needs:

  • Customizable

    Use Skai’s set of industry standard auditing rules or configure to your best practices

  • Always-On

    Automate audits to run every day, catching issues the moment they arise

  • Scalable

    Monitor all of your campaigns across Google and Microsoft Advertising

Avoid Costly Mistakes
Reduce human error and improve team efficiency

  • Configurable. You're in the driver's seat.

    - Customize to your best practices with custom rules
    - Tap into Skai's industry best practices
    - Easily identify and address outstanding issues
    - Monitor all your cross-publisher campaigns in one view and workflow
  • Always-On. Set it and forget it.

    - Automate audits every day, catching issues instantaneously
    - Constant quality management system saving you time
    - Runs alongside any campaign management platform
    - Provides continuity for staff turnover
  • Ease of Use. Save time and money.

    - Run audits across Search, Social & Commerce campaigns
    - Streamlined onboarding and set up
    - Remove the need for manual checklists and user-error
    - Select your campaigns, create the rules and the audits will run and provide daily updates

Actionable results that pinpoint the areas that need your attention

  • Audit Score

    Provides a high-level view of the health of your audit group
  • Rule Breakdown

    Identifies the number of rules that have issues
  • Quick Links

    Allows you to navigate directly to the impacted assets, once issues have been identified
"We've always loved Skai's Analysis Grid--but Skai Audit has changed the game even further. We now have an established system for quality management, which takes no time at all to maintain across 200+ accounts."

Till Hoffmann, Global Search Lead, AMQ

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