Turning disparate data sources into actionable insights

Collecting data from across the internet and transforming it into valuable business insights requires AI capabilities that few businesses have. Take a look under the hood at the processes and technologies that power Skai’s consumer and market intelligence platform.

The Data Journey: Market Intelligence Tools

Various media outlets and ecommerce platforms are connected into one data collection platform.

Data Collection

Proprietary identification methodologies are utilized to establish and integrate the most relevant data from thousands of external sources. This data is collected via third-party API integrations, internal data sources and scraping from publicly accessible sites.

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Data preparation and conversion to structured formats.

Data Preparation

The data collected by Skai arrives in unstructured formats from across multiple data sources. This data is normalized, validated and cleansed using machine learning engines before being converted into structured formats. Automated quality control continually flags any changes to the structure of source data.

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Data Contextualization

Once the data has been structured and prepared, the next step is to extract context and ensure relevance. Skai’s patented natural language processing (NLP) algorithm is designed to do this with a high level of accuracy. The platform is unique in its ability to understand the context of specific sentences — not only what is said, but what is meant – and map this back to taxonomy values (e.g. flavors, benefits, ingredients) for insights specific to your market or category.

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Data Connection

Support the data needs of your entire enterprise with 100+ pre-built dashboards in a platform that is open and flexible with built-in API integrations, robust data partnerships, and easy import/export for all of your visibility and collaboration needs.

Connect your data

data configurations and data sources; new dashboards; new geography.

Data Customization

Don’t see a data source? Want to add new geography? Looking for additional dashboards? No problem! Skai can be modified for insights that meet your specific business needs.

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