• Enabling Audience Bidding at Scale

    Skai Social’s custom bid multipliers enables advertisers to easily execute sophisticated audience bidding strategies within a single ad set. You no longer need to create dozens of ad sets in order to apply unique bids per segment. Easily apply the appropriate bid to age, gender, location and other audience options within just one ad set.

    Save time, reduce clutter, and improve performance by leveraging custom bid multipliers to enhance your social advertising.

    For more information, read the Skai article Feature Focus: Maximize the Performance of Your Facebook Campaigns With Our New Bid Multipliers.

Employ a Granular Bidding Strategy to Maximize Growth

  • Faster to market

    No need to create & manage multiple ad sets just to apply custom bids
  • Templates make it easy

    Apply bid multipliers templates to ad sets to save time and reduce costly errors
  • Drive Performance

    Maximize results by setting higher bids for the segments with higher lifetime value

Strategically Bid Based on the Right Strategy Per Segment

  • Device

    Set unique bids based on the devices on which your ads are served

  • Placement

    Apply custom bids to placements based on value

  • Location

    Set location bids based on city, region/state, and country

  • Demographic

    Customize bids for unique age groups, gender, and other segmentation

  • Travel Intent

    Travel brands can apply custom bids based on length of stay or time until travel

Natural Intelligence Improves Time Savings And ROAS With Skai’s Bid Multipliers


  • While Facebook was able to identify younger audiences were engaging with Top10.com’s ads, they were unable to identify and optimize towards older customers who eventually signed up for more content and proved to be more valuable to the brand.


  • Natural intelligence leveraged Skai’s Bid Multipliers solution to apply a nuanced bidding strategy within one single ad set to enable advertisers to leverage signals indicating Lifetime Value and apply them to their social advertising.

  • 25%

    ROAS Increase

  • 7.5

    Hrs Saved

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