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Key Digital Marketing Trends from Q2 2022

Here are some of the key digital marketing trends from Q2 2022's advertising data.

Retail media expansion fueled brisk growth, search spending was not as sharp as in 2021, and social spending compared favorably to the intro of IDFA last year
Monthly numbers show how marketers pumped the brakes post-IDFA last year, but spent more consistently this year as solutions to signal loss have picked up steam
Over the last two quarters, Responsive Search Ads (RSA) have overtaken Expanded Text Ads (ETA) as the dominant search ad format as a percentage of search spend
Walmart changed its bidding process to use a “second-price auction” starting on June 6th, resulting in a drop in cost-per-click (CPC) of 17% for the week of the switch

The Skai Q2 2022 Quarterly Trends Report

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This edition of the Skai Quarterly Trends Report for Q2 2022 is drawn from an overall population of nearly $9 billion in annualized marketer spend, over 1 trillion ad impressions, and 12 billion clicks. As one of the most well-respected datasets by those who follow advertising performance, it includes unique insights about what’s happening in the digital advertising industry on a macro level.

Learn quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year digital advertising campaign performance trends from Q2 2022, including:
  • Key performance indicators for the fourth quarter of the year across retail media, paid search, and paid social
  • Details on what drove notable trends and changes over time in each advertising channel
  • Details on how advertisers have reacted to IDFA, and why RSA is replacing ETA in search

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