Q1 2023 Quarterly Trends Report

See the breakdown of industry trends and performance across retail media, paid search, and paid social. Download the report to dive into spending, pricing, and results across channels, and find out what influenced the digital advertising market in Q1.

  • How performance marketing channels responded to shifting consumer demands
  • How advertisers reached consumers in a challenging economy
  • Key performance indicators for the first quarter of the year across retail media, paid search, and paid social
  • Details on what drove notable trends and changes over time in each advertising channel

Q1 2023 Quarterly Digital Trends Report

Retail media: Retail media continued to grow faster than either paid search or paid social, with spending up 30% YoY. Performance metrics have held steady or even improved during that time.

Paid social: Multiple factors are providing both headwinds and tailwinds for paid social spending. Once again, CPM dropped year-over-year while impression volume grew, but the latter was not enough to yield positive spending growth.

Paid search: Paid search spending grew 4% year-over-year, even as average cost-per-click dropped 9%. Campaigns that optimized towards revenue goals grew faster than the rest of search, while campaigns that focused on costs shrank.


In this report:

Download the report to learn quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year digital advertising campaign performance trends from Q1 2023. Highlights include:

  • The overall trend of more ads at lower prices continued into the first quarter of 2023
  • This can be interpreted as advertisers taking a more cautious approach amid economic uncertainty, one which focuses on efficiency rather than growth
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