Q2 2022 Quarterly Digital Trends Report

Ad spending across retail media, search, and social grew both quarter over quarter (QoQ) and year over year (YoY):

  • Retailer expansion continued to fuel retail media advertising growth.
  • Search spending growth was driven more by services than goods.
  • Social spending growth accelerated in Q2 as the market response to IDFA outpaced last year’s disruption from the new Apple app privacy rules.

Q2 2022 Quarterly Digital Trends Report

Commerce ads across retail media and social channels showed robust growth, emphasizing the bottom and the top of the conversion funnel.

Compared to the same quarter last year, social advertisers have many solutions and workarounds for IDFA signal loss in the market, which has allowed advertisers to maintain steadier spending levels.

Over the last two quarters, Responsive Search Ads (RSA) have overtaken Expanded Text Ads (ETA) as the dominant search ad format as a percentage of search spend.

In this report:

Learn quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year digital advertising campaign performance trends from Q2 2022, including:

  • Key performance indicators for the second quarter of the year across retail media, paid search, and paid social
  • Details on what drove notable trends and changes over time in each advertising channel
  • Details on how advertisers have reacted to IDFA, and why RSA is replacing ETA in search.
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