• In partnership with Google, Skai offers Smart Bidding to empower marketers to maximize their search campaign results. In addition to the built-in capabilities of this powerful solution for automated, AI-driven bidding, Skai has developed features that provide additional insights, control and efficiency to enhance campaign performance.

Enhancements for Smart Bidding only available through Skai Search

  • Spend Wisely

    Budget Navigator
    Manage budget and pacing goals
    on top of Smart Bidding campaigns. Automatically shift budget to maximize every dollar of spend

  • Gain Exclusive Insights

    Bidding Intelligence Smart Tags
    Benefit from insights on the changes occurring in Smart Bidding campaigns,
    including device and audience shifts

    Create and monitor A/B tests on bidding
    algorithms to find the one that works best for your business goals

  • Optimize for Performance

    Optimize towards a profit goal

    Custom Metrics
    Optimize towards a custom goals, with
    the option to weight metrics

    Holistic Target ROAS Optimization
    Optimize target ROAS campaign across
    campaign types (Smart Shopping and
    Search) and publishers (Google and
    Microsoft Advertising)

    Signal Enhancement
    Provide custom conversion data to
    enable Smart Bidding automation to
    optimize towards true north data

"Budget Navigator - combined with Smart Bidding - generates huge efficiency in terms of operations, along with effectiveness on business results."


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