Skai + Google: An Expanded Relationship for a New Dawn of Search Marketing

  • Budget Navigator + Smart Bidding

    Skai and Google have partnered together on bid optimization with the support of Smart Bidding in the Skai platform. With Budget Navigator + Smart Bidding and analysis grid support, clients can achieve better results and manage all ad optimization cross-publisher in one platform.
  • Enjoy the powers of Budget Navigator while also benefiting from auction-time bidding capabilities and other additional signals unique to Google Smart Bidding. Our unique solution enables you to meet your budget goal along with your Target CPA or Target ROAS.
  • Unavailable with Smart Bidding alone, Budget Navigator helps you control pacing and accurately forecast campaigns. It also provides forecasting analysis to find the sweet spot between spend and ROI.

Skai Budget Navigator: A Revolutionary Planning Tool Powered by Machine Learning

  • Intelligent Forecasts

    A “what-if” forecasting engine to uncover investment opportunities and guide budget allocation across campaigns, publishers, geos, products, and more. Define portfolio groups that match your business structure and visualize potential return on any given budget.
  • Dynamic Budgeting

    Skai automatically regenerates forecasts on a daily basis and adjusts bid and budget allocations to get you the best results. Define a plan by setting a budget and KPI goals, and the necessary budget allocations will be made for you.
  • Continuous Feedback

    Continuous feedback on your plan’s progress means peace of mind. Track how your plan is pacing at anytime receive automatic alerts if there are opportunities beyond your plan’s scope.

Benefits of Skai Budget Navigator

  • Forecasts

    Predict investment outcomes with enhanced forecasting. The forecast is automatically recalculated on a daily basis and new bid and budget directions are applied to the bid policies.

  • Efficiency

    Do more with less, at 10x the scale with relaxed data requirements and unlimited number of portfolios in an investment.

  • Optimization

    Optimize to your business KPIs and budgets. Budget allocation visibility and reallocation among portfolios during the cycle.

  • Monitor

    Get continuous feedback on expected results at the end of the plan period. React quickly to major market dynamics with automated alerts.

Gain Control Of Your Smart Bidding with Skai

  • Analysis Grid Support

    Skai also allows you to manage Smart Bidding strategies directly in the Analysis Grid.
  • Automated actions is also supported for these strategies in the grid.
  • Using rules and filtering, clients have the ability to automatically change Smart Bidding targets.

ShopFácil.Com Leverages Skai + Smart Bidding For Impressive Results

"Skai’s bidding technology enabled us to not only beat our paid search shopping revenue targets but also reduce the amount of time spent on paid search each week!" - Fabio Kawaguchi, Media Manager, One Digital

  • 17%

    Revenue Increase

  • 18%

    Target ROAS

  • 10%

    CPC Decrease

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