Maximize your campaign performance with Microsoft Advertising’s automated bidding, which automatically optimizes your bids in each and every auction based on your campaign goal.

Automated bidding strategies use machine learning and analysis of a broad range of signals at the auction level to select the bid that is most likely to achieve your desired volume of conversions or conversion value.

  • Save Time Through Bid Automation

    Takes the guesswork out of bidding and automatically manages your bids for you
  • Access a Broad Range of Signals for Precise Targeting

    Uses advanced technology to customize each bid at the time of the auction, allowing you to take advantage of a unique set of contextual signals
  • Improve Performance Through Machine Learning

    Leverages always-on machine learning that is laser focused on meeting your campaign goal

Align Campaigns Across Search Engines with Mirroring

Enables you to mirror Google Smart Bidding Campaigns with Microsoft Advertising automated bidding campaign.

Manage your automated bidding strategies through your Skai analysis grid. Bid Strategies:

  • Effectiveness & Scale

    Enhanced CPC: Modifies your bids for better efficiency

    Target CPA: Sets your bids to achieve your target CPA

    Target ROAS (In Pilot): Sets your bids to achieve your target ROAS

  • Scale & Effectiveness

    Maximize Clicks: Sets your bids to help you get as many clicks as possible

    Maximize Conversions: Sets your bids to help you get as many conversions as possible