The Skai Tag is the Detailed Conversion Data Solution Marketers Need to Measure Their Programs

  • Uncover rich conversion event attributes that go beyond basic KPIs
  • Identify which ads, keywords, and campaigns are driving revenue
  • Optimize campaign structure and bids to drive ROI

Better Conversion Data = Better Optimization

  • Enhanced Customer Conversion Tracking with the Skai Tag

    Track each conversion event with up to 15 value pairs, such as new vs. returning customers, or how many items were left in a shopping cart. The Skai Tag provides deep insight into the consumer journey and the value behind each marketing interaction.

  • Detailed Analysis Makes Your Team Smarter

    Measure which attributes are driving the most conversions and discover the most effective keywords and ads within each campaign. The Skai Tag provides you with the intelligence you need to optimize your programs and drive maximum performance.

  • Focused Attribution Optimization Across Your Program

    Adjust bidding strategies to reflect the most successful conversion types, ads, and keywords within your campaigns. By tracking all marketing exposures, learn how your marketing is working together to impact and influence conversion behavior.

"The Tag provides the granularity we’ve been craving to better understand the nuances of each and every customer conversion; with this information in hand, we can better deliver the exact ad at the exact moment it will have the greatest impact."

Christine Bensen, iCrossing

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