Drive Meaningful Business Results on Pinterest Advertising with the Industry’s Leading Performance Marketing Solution

  • Complement your Pinterest Advertising with Skai

    As a Pinterest Marketing Partner, Skai allows you to take advantage of all of Pinterest’s marketing solutions and layer on Skai’s suite of advanced optimization, data, and campaign management capabilities.

    With Skai, you can complement your existing advertising strategies and ensure you are maximizing your campaign’s potential while staying ahead of the competition.

How Can Pinterest Advertising Help Grow your Business?

  • Reach the Right People

    More than 300 million people depend on Pinterest for new ideas, and they want to hear from you.
  • Engage High-Intent Audiences

    98 percent of Pinners say they’ve tried new things they found on Pinterest.
  • Deliver Ads that Convert

    83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on Pins they saw from brands.
"Since launching Pinterest with Skai, we have already seen our highest click-through rates and lowest CPCs to date and have achieved a 79% increase in new visitors to the site. We are excited to continue growing this performance with such a successful technology partner.”

Price Glomski, EVP/Head of Social

Enhance your Creative with Technology

  • Surface Top Performing Facebook Creative

    See which Ads performed best for you on Facebook to test and leverage on Pinterest.

  • Refresh Creative

    Leverage bulk sheets to update all your creative assets and swap your currently active Promoted Pin with the latest and most relevant creative.

  • Creative Library

    Skai’s Creative Library allows you to automatically upload and sort your creative assets by theme, product, campaign and more.

Increase Productivity with Automation

  • Automated URL Builder

    Auto-append Parameters & redirects to URLs for seamless tracking & attribution.

  • Bulk Creation and Editing

    Leverage spreadsheets to easily update campaign parameters within your campaign bulksheet.

  • Rule-based Optimizations

    Automate optimizations based on performance thresholds and KPI trends.

  • 1st-Party Audience Sync

    Sync your most valuable audiences directly from file-transfer and CRM sources to keep your 1st-party targeting up-to-date across Pinterest and your other publishers.

Improve Optimizations with Actionable Insights

  • Keyword-Level Bidding

    Set Keyword-level bids to help you optimize your campaigns down to your individual keyword performance.

  • Automated Alerts

    Receive alerts to inform you of how your performance is trending or reached a certain point.

  • Import Your Data

    Import External Data to track and measure relevant 3rd-party data along with your Pinterest metrics.

  • Download to Reporting Destination

    Schedule reports to sync with any desired destination, such as your business intelligence platform or Dropbox folder.

  • Custom KPIs

    Report and optimize on custom metrics to reach goals as you define them and not only what is available on Pinterest.

IKEA And Wavemaker Drive Performance on Pinterest with Skai

“Beyond driving strong performance, the team was able to help the IKEA client gain a better strategic understanding of consumer behavior on Pinterest with Skai’s targeting and audience analysis capabilities.” - Kimberly Lum, Wavemaker – Group Director, Search & Social

  • 72%

    CTR increase

  • 37%

    CPC decrease

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