Successful marketers offload recurring tasks that are best-handled by technology—it's like having extra marketing assistants working for you behind-the-scenes 24/7.

  • Rule-Based Optimizations and Alerts

    Leveraging industry-leading technology, Skai’s Automated Actions can trigger changes to bids, budgets, statuses, etc. It can also send alerts based on weather conditions, performance trends, ROI changes, live TV airings, and much more!

    Learn more about Automated Actions in the article Feature Focus: Analysis Plus is Your Always-On Skai Search Marketing Assistant.

Automate Every Aspect of Your Marketing Campaign

  • Refresh Creative

    Swap in and out ads based on rules you define
  • Change Status

    Automatically turn on & off campaigns, ad groups/ad sets, or ads
  • Shift Bid / Budget

    Increase or decrease your bids and budgets based on metric thresholds
"Skai was a big game changer for us. We were able to scale to 2-3X the workload without adding resources to meet our globalization goals. Without the level of sophistication they provided in ad creation, we wouldn’t have been able to manage that scale."

Andrew Macintosh, Global Media Strategist

Automate Optimizations Based on Customizable Conditions

  • Performance Trends

    Schedule automated optimizations to take place when performance begins to spike or decline.

    Example: Automatically send an email notification and/or increase the daily budget of ad sets by 10% if ROAS has increased 20% week over week.

  • Weather Signals

    Trigger automated actions with specific weather conditions including sunny, cloudy, rain, snow, temperature, and wind.

    Example: Set up raincoat ads to deliver in specific locations where it is raining and display shorts creative when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees.

  • TV Signals

    Take specific action on social if ads from your brand or a competitor air on TV.

    Example: Increase Facebook budgets whenever your competitor’s commercial airs on television.

  • Health Conditions

    Sync optimizations with prevalent health conditions such as common cold, flu, dust, arthritis, pollen, migraine and more.

    Example: Promote your new soup product line in locations where the common cold index is high and illness is prevalent.

  • Spend Changes

    Take specific action whenever your ad sets reach specific spend levels or experience spend changes.

    Example: Set ad sets to no longer spend after they’ve reached their designated conversion or lead threshold.

Fashion-Forward AMARO Finds Success With Skai Social's Automated Actions


  • As AMARO started to grow in size and online presence exponentially, they needed to manage their campaigns and paid channels in the most efficient way possible.


  • AMARO leveraged Skai’s Automated Actions feature to implement bid and structure changes based on real-time performance factors and weather conditions.

  • 52%

    Increase in Sales

  • 38%

    Decrease in CPA

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