Advertising that has been in-market too long can begin to lose its effectiveness as the target audience simply stops engaging with it because they’ve seen it too many times. Skai alerts you when ads are showing signs of fatigue or are likely to fatigue soon so you can do something about it.

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    Marketing dollars are constantly wasted running ads that are no longer relevant to the target audience. Why? Because it takes resources and data crunching to identify active ads that have reached—or are about to reach—the point of fatigue. So, ad fatigue is often unaddressed and unresolved. However, this is a problem that marketing organizations know should be a priority to be tracked and remedied whenever possible.

    Skai blends artificial intelligence and big data to analyze ad activity and surface actionable insights that lead to more informed decisions. When your ad is fatigued—or shows signs of upcoming fatigue—a Skai Smart Tag automatically appears next to the ad. This alerts you to the ad fatigue detection issue and provides you with an option for immediately fixing the issues and enables you to minimize resources while maximizing performance.

    Learn more about this feature in the Skai blog post, Feature Focus: Combatting Ad Fatigue with Skai Social is as Easy as 1-2-3
    • +297%

      Increase in reach when leveraging the Ad Fatigue Detection Smart Tag

How Ad Fatigue Detection Enhances Your Social Marketing

  • Analyze

    Tags monitor impression and click volume, CPC, CTR, ad type, timeframe, and status to track fatigue.
  • Optimize

    Makes actionable recommendations on how to resolve fatigue so optimizations occur in seconds.
  • Maximize

    See immediate improvements in performance once you're out with the old and in with the new.
Today, Stitch Fix relies heavily on Smart Tags to detect and remedy ad fatigue.

Stitch Fix

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