AI Placement Modifiers: Maximize performance efficiency for your Amazon Sponsored Products

What are AI Placement Modifiers?

When a keyword is improving your organic rank, you should reconsider the high-cost top-of-search placement modifiers for Amazon Sponsored Products Ads to avoid cannibalizing organic sales. Achieving the optimal balance between ad spend and revenue requires a comprehensive approach, considering multiple factors with multiple check-ins and manual changes.

Gain control of placement modifiers to performance efficiency for your Amazon Sponsored Products with Skai’s unique AI Placement Modifiers.

What media is supported by this feature?

How does it work?

Unlocking the potential of Amazon’s bid modifiers can be challenging and often done arbitrarily. AI Placement Modifiers empowers users to efficiently optimize campaign performance with AI-backed recommendations, spend insights and performance reports.

Skai AI Tips
AI-powered recommendations identifying the best bid modifiers so you can efficiently boost the visibility of your Sponsored Products Ads
Forecasting insights
Machine-backed estimates on cost allocation and revenue lift for all placements in the campaign
Performance Report
Review performance for support placements overtime with easy-to-read widget displays

Main Use Cases

Set modifiers to maximize performance efficiency
Strategically override positions based on company strategy
Set modifiers for best practices for specific placement spend
Scale campaign optimizations with quick placement modifiers activation

What are the main benefits?

Confident activation
Make decisions with confidence with simplified insights, AI recommendations and guided automations refreshed daily
Strategic control
Override placement modifiers to drive your campaign according to your media strategy goals from product visibility to efficiency
Improved performance
Leverage our proprietary AI to activate on the optimal balance between ad spend and campaign revenue