Instant Presentation: Transform your Skai dashboards into polished decks at the click of a button

What is Instant Presentation?

Performance recaps require labor-intensive data collection, analysis and content creation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this instantly? Effortlessly transform your Skai dashboards into polished decks in one click with Instant Presentation, keeping your clients and management informed. Reclaim your time for meaningful performance analysis and strategic enhancement.

What media is supported by this feature?

What are the main use cases?

Client updates and performance recaps
Keep clients informed about campaign progress by generating presentations and QBRs that showcase key metrics, achievements, and next steps.
Keep stakeholders up-to-speed
Share project updates and performance metrics with internal teams, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed without extensive manual reporting.
Optimize more efficiently
Efficiently compile data from various marketing channels to create comprehensive campaign performance recaps to analyze trends and make data-driven decisions for ongoing improvement.

What are the main benefits?

With this data, users can correct misalignments between the search intent and the landing page their end users see after a click, providing a frictionless customer experience leading to improvement in Quality Score, Conversions and lower CPCs.

Time and effort savings
Eliminate manual data compilation and deck creation to save significant time and effort so you can prioritize overarching performance goals
Instant deck creation
Effortlessly create performance recaps for your clients, teams, or management, keeping stakeholders informed with a single push of a button
Omnichannel growth
Reach new omnichannel excellence by streamlining your performance reports across publishers