Skai Introduces Enhanced Solution for App Marketers


We have introduced new enhancements to our App Marketing solution aimed at improving campaign performance and integrating app marketing with broader marketing goals. The updates include advanced optimization features for Apple Search Ads, extended support for Snap, TikTok, and Google App Campaigns, and integration with Skai Decision Pro for a unified advertising management approach. These innovations enable app marketers to optimize campaigns, track impact, and increase workflow efficiency in a competitive digital landscape.

Whether you are an app-first company like Uber, Airbnb, or Spotify, or use apps to augment existing services as an app-second company like Bank of America, United Airlines, or Walmart, app marketing has become pivotal to almost every brand’s business strategy. As global competition intensifies, apps are indispensable for connecting with customers in a crowded market.

In this post, we’ll explore the latest upgrades to Skai’s App Marketing solution, which are designed to boost campaign performance and integrate these efforts with wider marketing goals.

Skai’s new solutions for app marketers

Since 2006, Skai has been a leader in digital advertising technology, starting with paid search and then social advertising. In 2015, we launched a solution specifically for app marketing, acknowledging the channel’s unique demands and opportunities. We’ve continually refined our platform, adapting to the changing needs of app marketers globally. Our latest innovations include:

Advanced optimization features and new Latin American markets for Apple Search Ads. Our latest update introduces AI-driven optimization tools for Apple Search Ads, blending algorithmic and rule-based adjustments to bids and budgets. These enhancements are designed to help you optimize campaigns effectively, boost ROI, and help you meet your marketing goals. In addition, with our latest expansion, you can now run Apple Search Ads campaigns in several Latin American countries, including Brazil and Costa Rica. This allows marketers to engage with one of the fastest-growing regions, offering new growth and engagement opportunities.

Extended support for Snap, TikTok, and Google App Campaigns. We’ve broadened our platform’s capabilities, enhancing support for major platforms like Snap, TikTok, and Google App Campaigns. This creates a uniform experience across these channels, simplifying campaign management and engagement with diverse audiences.

Integration in Skai Decision Pro. Our app marketing solutions are now integrated into Skai Decision Pro, our advanced platform for media executives. This integration fosters a unified approach to advertising management across various channels, enhancing strategic decisions with AI-powered analytics and providing a holistic view of media activities.

These enhancements mark a significant advancement for Skai and our clients, continually pushing the boundaries in app marketing to keep our users ahead in a competitive digital landscape.

Skai’s new capabilities have provided us with a better understanding of app conversions, and portfolio bidding has allowed us to make quick strategic pivots during promotional periods while hitting our performance targets. Skai has also enabled us to track the impact of our optimizations and improve our workflow efficiency.

Lara Modder, Senior Paid Search Coordinator @ Direct Agents

Additional support Skai provides to app marketers

At Skai, we recognize that top-tier tools are just one aspect of marketing success. We’ve enhanced our capabilities and support to help app marketers harness every advantage in this competitive field.

Some of Skai’s differentiated app marketing capabilities include:

  • Portfolio optimization. Skai Budget Navigator is an industry-first tool for precise budget planning and forecasting, enabling efficient execution and monitoring of advertising investments.
  • Bulk campaign management. This feature allows for the simultaneous creation and adjustment of multiple campaigns, enhancing operational efficiency — ideal for teams handling extensive app campaigns.
  • Advanced filters and robust reporting and analytics. Our platform offers advanced filtering options and detailed analytics, providing deep insights into campaign performance and helping marketers make informed decisions.
  • MMP data integration. We’ve improved compatibility with Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs), integrating attribution data directly into campaign management and optimizing ad spend based on detailed conversion metrics. Partners include Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, and Singular.

Our capabilities enable mobile app marketers to automate campaign management and optimization processes, simplify and centralize performance data, analysis, and reporting, and inject AI into complex decisioning and activation tasks. With our most advanced tools to date, app marketers can maximize the impact of their advertisements to increase purchases, boost return on investment, and grow lifetime value in the biggest markets around the globe

Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen, Chief Product Officer @ Skai

Key differentiator: Integrating app marketing into a broader omnichannel strategy

The digital marketing landscape is clearly moving toward an omnichannel approach, where integrating all channels is becoming more necessary. Traditionally, app marketing has been isolated from the core media plan, often managed separately by specialized app agencies or by the app’s developer. This separation has limited the synergy between channels that could enhance a brand’s message and reach, which would maximize the app investment.

At Skai, we understand apps’ important role in a comprehensive marketing strategy and are dedicated to closing this gap. We ensure that customer touchpoints are connected by improving our platform to better integrate app marketing with other digital channels like paid search, social media, and retail media. This connectivity leads to a more unified user experience and increases the effectiveness of each marketing effort.

Our continuous updates aim to more effectively incorporate app marketing into the broader omnichannel strategy. Businesses partnering with Skai will see the advantages of a cohesive strategy where app marketing is a central, integral element.

As part of Skai’s omnichannel marketing platform, our App Marketing solution helps your app stand out among millions with Apple Search Ad campaigns, Google UAC campaigns, and more. Skai leverages an advanced algorithm based on AI and machine learning to ensure your ads reach your target users. Increase installs and user acquisition with streamlined automation, optimization, and reporting.

Client results include:

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