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eToro Uses Skai Apps To Easily Scale The Success Of Apple Search Ads

20 %
Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
90 %
Apple Search Ads activity

Scaling Non-Brand Campaigns for Stronger Performance 

eToro, the world’s leading social trading platform, has been using Skai Apps to run Apple Search Ads for a number of years. In that time it has seen great performance on its brand campaigns (learn more here). However, its non-brand campaigns weren’t seeing a similar level of success globally and the team knew there was growth potential. 

Turning Things Around With Strategic Support From Skai Client Services

Still being relatively new to Apple Search Ads, the team at eToro turned to the experts within Skai’s Client Services for strategic support. Skai undertook a comprehensive review of the existing account structure and provided recommendations, drawing on best practices from Apple Search Ads on how to restructure non-brand campaigns. Once the changes had been implemented on one campaign, Skai Apps was used to quickly copy the campaign in bulk to other countries and regions – leaving the team with the simple task of just editing the Countries and Regions, followed by localizing keywords accordingly..

After all of the campaigns had been setup in each market, custom metrics were created that ensured Skai’s automated bidding solution optimized towards the metric that mattered to eToro most: Registrations to First Time Deposits. 

In addition, the team benefited from the advanced reporting capabilities available within Skai Apps. Using pivot tables built into the UI, they are able to quickly see all of their campaign data across multiple countries and regions in one place – and export it easily to share with other stakeholders.

More Markets. More Budget. Better Performance.

Using Skai Apps, eToro was able to save time on campaign creation and management – enabling them to scale quickly across more global markets. Not only that, thanks to the recommendations from the Skai team, performance improved as a result of the account restructure. Not only did they see a 20% reduction in CPA, but they increased budgets for their Apple Search Ads activity by 90% as a result of the success.


  • Structure and scale non-branded Apple Search Ads campaigns.


  • Skai Apps


  • 20% reduction in CPA
  • 90% increase in Apple Search Ads activity

“I cannot sing the praises of Skai’s client services team enough. They are super communicative, always happy to jump on a call and continue coming to us with recommendations for improving campaign performance. They’ve taken the time to train new team members on the platform and are always updating us on new features in Skai Apps that will help us to further grow our business through Apple Search Ads”.

Or Filizer, SEM Analyst - eToro