Case Studies / Success with Skai

Skai Apps Partners With iProspect And Epix Now To Take Their App Marketing To New Heights

2 x
More Conversions
38 %
More Installs
40 %
Lower CPA


  • Operating in large bulks of keywords
  • Time investment in managing campaigns and manually combining reporting
  • Tracking and optimizing towards down funnel events


  • Skai Apps
  • Apple Search Ads Bid Optimization
  • Mobile Measurement Partner Integration
  • Integrated Appsflyer to measure all in-app events into the Skai Apps platform


  • Skai Apps helped the team take their app marketing to new heights, fostering outstanding results. Trial conversions doubled, CPA dropped 40%, and UA efforts increased by 38%.



“By utilizing the Skai CPA Optimization solution across our Competitor and Non-Brand ASA campaigns, we achieved a 68% increase in free trials from only 19% increase in spend, resulting in a 29% decrease in cost per free trials (comparing five weeks before and after).”

– Gary Cook, Associate Director Paid Search, iProspect